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AIWA's International Conferences

AIWA hosted its first international conference in 1994 to initiate dialogue about the condition of Armenian women worldwide. Every three years, conferences bring together participants from around the world to a rich forum of information, discussion, and research on historic and current issues. The sense of community and learning often leads to new affiliates being formed.

2020 Conference
June 19-22, 2020, Armenia

Stay tuned for details

2016: BOSTON
“Inspiring Our Future, Honoring Our Past”

Keynote Speakers: Selina Dogan, Member of Parliament, Turkey
Linda Hill, Harvard Business School

“Armenian Women in Action: Building Communities Across the Globe” 

Keynote Speakers: Fethiye Çetin & Ayse Gül Altinay, Authors

“Armenian Women: Advancing, Inspiring, Innovating, Strengthening”

Keynote Speaker: Jackie Kanchelian Speier, California Congresswoman 

“Interacting in Worldwide Arenas"

Keynote Speakers: Donna Evans, Development Consultant 
Rakel Dink, Hrant Dink Foundation 

2004: GENEVA
“Leadership Summit”

 Keynote Speaker: Andree Emile Lahoud, First Lady, Republic of Lebanon 

“New Visions, New Horizons”

Keynote Speakers: Kathryn Cameron Porter, Human Rights Activist 
Linda J. Melconian, Majority Leader, Massachusetts State Senate 

1997: PARIS
“Examining Our Past, Building Our Future” 

Keynote Speaker: Camelia Sadat, Author, Lecturer 

1994: LONDON
“Armenian Women in a Changing World” 

Keynote Speaker: Mary Catherine Bateson, Anthropologist, Author