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Whether you want to host a house party for your friends to support AIWA or a larger event to benefit our work, we would be happy to help you!

Over the past 25 years, AIWA, as an international volunteer organization, has been identifying and responding to the needs of Armenian women, both domestically and internationally. From our humble beginnings of three Boston-area women who wanted to focus solely on the needs of Armenian women, we have grown to reach thousands. We have supported women’s entrepreneurship, scholarships, health, empowerment, women’s safety from domestic violence; we have published women’s writing, history and worked alongside international organizations to support our community’s needs. Through the generous support of members, friends and supporters like you, AIWA has been able to accomplish so much. 

Our vision is to continue to build on our history and our network, to connect and engage our members to lead in their communities, companies, fields and countries with the support, training and mentoring of AIWA members world-wide. To that end, AIWA has realized that we must evolve to meet the changing needs of Armenian women across generations and around the world. Last year, we hired a part-time Executive Director to support this vision and direction.

Your involvement is crucial to the future of AIWA. Help unlock more opportunities for Armenian women around the world. With your assistance, we will raise the funding we need to ensure AIWA’s future and its potential to better support our members today and our daughters to come.

Our future includes: 
  • Full-time staff to meet the daily and long-term demands of the organization
  • Expansion of existing scholarships and publishing programs
  • Updated technology to connect and engage more women worldwide
  • Leadership programs including online and on the ground
  • Grow additional affiliates
  • Provide resources and opportunities to more women
  • Foster more research and publishing about Armenian women and leadership
  • Implement a mentoring program
  • Generate a strong power network for young professional women
  • Develop relations with other national and international organizations to advance common goals
If you are interested in helping fundraise for AIWA, please contact us at and we would be happy to talk with you.